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San elk organic artisan stock powder - Chicken 160gm

San elk organic artisan stock powder - Chicken 160gm


San Elk certified organic artisan stock is made in Australia, each batch is individually handcrafted using premium quality dehydrated and finely ground vegetables, herbs and spices blended together with other natural ingredients to create a nutritious, wholesome and flavoursome stock.   

There are no hidden ingredients in our products like monosodium glutamate (MSG), anti-caking agents or hydrolysed vegetable protein to boost flavour. Our certified organic artisan stock contains no maltodextrin, palm products, GMO’s, preservatives, additives or artificial colours and is free from gluten, lactose, yeast. 

Our certified organic artisan chicken stock is made with dehydrated chicken and finely ground vegetables, herbs and spices to provide a rich and natural flavour when added to your meals. We ensure our stock is made from the highest quality raw ingredients available and that all of the essential nutrients are retained. 

We use dehydrated chicken in our stock. We don't use any colours, preservatives or additives in our stocks. 

INGREDIENTS: Sea salt, corn flour*, raw sugar*, olive oil*, onion*, chicken, turmeric*, tomato*, garlic*, parsley*, cracked pepper* and nutmeg*.

 *Denotes certified organic ingredients.

NET WEIGHT: 160g - Makes 13 litres of stock.