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Natural Xylitol (from Birch) 350gm - PaleoPure
Natural Xylitol (from Birch) 350gm - PaleoPure
Natural Xylitol (from Birch) 350gm - PaleoPure

Xylitol (Natural Sweetener made from Birch) 350gm

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At Paleo Pure we source only the best ingredients for the products that we make. A well-stocked pantry means that you’ll always have natural, quality ingredients on hand for whenever you need it.

We love Xylitol because there are no nasty after tastes that Stevia & Monk fruit can leave you with. Our non GMO Xylitol is plant based and is made from the bark of the Birch tree.

As a sweetener, Xylitol is an excellent choice. Where some sweeteners may cause health risks, studies show that xylitol has actual health benefits. It doesn't spike blood sugar or insulin, it starves the plaque-producing bacteria in your mouth and feeds friendly microbes in your digestive system as a prebiotic. Pretty cool hey?

Xylitol has a GI of 7 and has 40% less calories than sugar, making it perfect for those leading a sugar free or Keto lifestyle. Xylitol allows you to indulge your sweet tooth in a natural way, and is perfect for the whole family.

Directions – use the same quantity as you’d normally use with sugar in baking and in drinks.

Warning – excessive consumption may have a bloating or laxative effect. If this occurs, reduce your consumption until tolerated.

Pet Care – Xylitol is harmful to pets – seek Veterinary immediately if consumed.