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Q. What makes our muesli different from the other gluten free mueslis on the market?

A. Most other gluten free muesli brands on the market contain puffed rice, gluten free oats and other grains & fillers. Paleo Pure is 100% grain free which means it is easy on your digestive system & also nutrient dense - meaning you need to eat less.

Q. Why is Paleo Pure priced higher than most other "paleo" mueslis on the market? 

A. Unlike our competitors, Paleo Pure's main ingredients are the "Rolls Royce" of nuts, Australia grown and farmed organic almonds which make up a whopping 40% of the muesli. We also use a single source organic maple syrup and organic coconut oil. The rest of our ingredients are all certified organic. There is a big difference between being part organic and 100% organic, if in doubt - flip the pack over and have a read of what you are buying. Our pack is also 500gms, giving you 10 X serves @ $2.50 - excellent value when you consider what you spend if you were to go out and buy a meal. 

Q. Is there a serving suggestion?

A. We recommend only a half cup (50g) of muesli eaten on its own with your choice of nut, seed or coconut milk. Due to its nutrient density and being high in good fats, you are satiated with much less than your conventional muesli. We also recommend you sprinkle it on top of coconut yoghurt, over berries or fruit or throw it on top of a smoothie bowl.

For inspiration, head to our Instagram page, where our customers have posted their pics @PaleoPure.

Q. What is the difference between the Low Fructose Fruit Free & Paleo Fruit Free?

A. In all of our baked blends, we use a single source organic maple syrup. For the Low Fructose blend, the base recipe is exactly the same but we have swapped the Organic Maple Syrup for Organic Rice Malt Syrup. While not technically “paleo”, Rice Malt Syrup is 100% fructose free, low GI and perfect for our paleo customers who have fructose malabsorption issues. Sarah Wilson (#IQS fame) gives RMS a big tick and our fructose intolerant customers love it.